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The Coronavirus Has Triggered Devastating And Sudden Unemployment Among Nannies

Nannies discover they are disposable.

The Cut reports that some nannies were laid off without any severance pay while others have been furloughed. More than one dozen nannies who came from the Caribbean have died from COVID-19.

As schools across …

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How a Lack of Migrant Workers Could Harm the Construction Industry

The UK government has stated that they intend to deny visas to workers that are classified as low-skilled. While many industries will suffer because of this, it will create particularly big problems in the world of construction.

Labour Shortages

During …

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COVID-19 and UK Small Business

woman entrepreneur shop owner small businessThe coronavirus has been plaguing not only people throughout the world but also affecting businesses both large and small, from fleet library to independent pubs. We did a study that discovered some interesting information that was both compelling and difficult …

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic is Affecting the Fashion Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on almost every sector, whether it’s the pressure that has been imposed on health services, shutting of non-essential businesses or supermarkets having to reconsider their opening hours and re-stocking tactics. Subsequently, the …