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The Coronavirus Has Triggered Devastating And Sudden Unemployment Among Nannies

Nannies discover they are disposable.

The Cut reports that some nannies were laid off without any severance pay while others have been furloughed. More than one dozen nannies who came from the Caribbean have died from COVID-19.

As schools across … Read the rest


The Long-Term Affects Of School Closure On Children

More than 1,800 people lost their lives when Hurricane Katrina rips through the Gulf Coast in the United States in 2005. After the storm, 372,000 children did not have a home to live in. Schools closed for long periods of … Read the rest


How Will Schools React to Children Getting the Coronavirus?

With the autumn term about to begin, there have been certain measures established by schools due to the coronavirus.

However, there are lingering questions that are still being asked about the situation.

What If the Child Develops a Cough/Cold?

According … Read the rest