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The Impact Covid-19 is Having on Employment and the Recruitment Sector

The UK recruitment sector has been experiencing steady growth over the last five years. In 2019, the industry achieved a turnover of £38.9bn, which is rather impressive, considering the uncertainties surrounding the impact of Brexit. The COVID-19 pandemic has had …

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The Coronavirus Has Triggered Devastating And Sudden Unemployment Among Nannies

Nannies discover they are disposable.

The Cut reports that some nannies were laid off without any severance pay while others have been furloughed. More than one dozen nannies who came from the Caribbean have died from COVID-19.

As schools across …

Health Society

Coronavirus Pandemic – When Can We Expect A Cure?

Healthcare and pharma companies around the world work hard to find an effective and safe Covid-19 cure.

Results are promising, as scientists have already identified some possible treatments, they have taken lyophilisation in to great consideration after their research has …