How to Get a Great Quote for Scaffolding

At times, getting to the places that are hard to reach in your home can be a problem, especially if there is a wall that needs painting or a part of the home that needs to be repaired. This is where scaffold hire comes in.

What is Scaffolding?

This is a system made of poles and boards that allow a work crew to reach places that are of high heights and cannot be reached easily. It is used outside and also inside if there is work that needs to be done in the interior of the house. Scaffolding can be made from timber or steel. The material used depends on the type of construction that is being done.

Some roofers and decorators may have an access tower to the areas that are unreachable. However, these are often small and limit the contractors’ flexibility. If you have a crew at your home and require scaffolding equipment, you can go online and hire. Naturally, you will want to save some money so you should look for reasonable prices and great quality all in one. A site that is great for this is Quotatis.

Scaffolders will provide you with:
Specialised equipment in case the contractors have to work in narrow places.

A scaffold system can include several levels. You should expect the price to get higher as the levels increase.

How can one get better quotes for scaffolding? The cost will vary depending on several factors. These are the length of hire, height, flexibility, and the kind of access needed by the contractors.

Amount of Time the Scaffolding is Hired For

Usually, this is about six to eight weeks. Most times, there is a fixed amount for this time. Any additional time is paid for at a weekly rate. Some companies hire per day.

The Height

The higher you need the scaffolding to be, the more you will have to pay. This is because of the risks involved with more height. The scaffolders may also consider special circumstances such as a narrow alleyway.

The Location

This affects the price considerably. The most expensive quotes are for cities. For instance, the quotes in London are on a higher scale while those of a remote location in say, Scotland, are lower.

How Many Walking Levels are needed?

The quotes get higher if you have many walking levels. That means the quotes for places like chimney or roof are less as this requires a few levels. If you need scaffolding for painting your house, you will probably have to pay more.

If the Scaffolding is on Public Land

If you need to place the scaffolding on a pathway that is considered public land, for instance, the quotes will be higher. This is because you may have to get a license from the local council, which could be costly.

Special Equipment

This is necessary if the construction needs the contractors to build a scaffold over an area such as a driveway or pathway. You can get special scaffolding equipment for this, but the result is that it will cost you more.


This refers to how accessible the site is. If the contractors can reach all points without having to carry the equipment, it will cost less.

When choosing a scaffolding company, you need to choose one that is reputable and qualified. They will know how to set up the scaffolding in accordance with the UK laws. This ensures that you reduce the risk of falls from heights. A good scaffolding company performs a risk assessment to ascertain that the scaffolding is safe for any contractor that uses it.

You can compare quotes from different companies that are licensed then pick the one which suits your budget.