Keep Your Mobile Home/Caravan Comfortably Warm With These Tips

You might be concerned about keeping your loved ones warm during cold weather if you have been forced to go on a traditional holiday just next to the sea down in Dorset or along the Cornish coast where young ones can use the sand on the beach to build sand castles, due to Brexit.

Use Portable Radiators Powered by Electricity

Consider choosing one of our electricity powered radiators if you are in the market for something that will cater to your heating needs without taking up too much space, considering the space limitations associated with mobile homes and caravans.

Our electricity powered radiators, drawn from our Economiser and Vantage lines require simple installation, are affordable, compact and portable. To make things even better, if you need to free up more space to accommodate any company that you might have over, these radiators can be easily stored away.

You can use our mobile app to remotely control heating, and with it, keep your caravan from becoming uncomfortably humid.

Use Solar Panels to Harness the Sun’s Energy

After the hot weather experienced during Easter, you can rely on solar panels to harness the sun’s energy for heating even though the weather has been colder in recent months. Solar panels can help you accumulate power without using gas; thus, helping you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Insulate Your Mobile Home

You can use this solution to keep your caravan comfortably cool during the hotter summer months, even though insulation is normally used to keep our homes warmer during cold weather.

Caravan Awnings

Caravan awnings can create additional space to hold chairs, a table or bicycle, in addition to making it possible for you to sit outside, depending on just how cold the weather is. You can also use awnings as a shelter from rain and other elements.

Natural Sunlight

By simply pulling your curtains to the side or opening the blinds on your caravan, you can warm up its interior with the help of one of nature’s best gifts, sunlight, at no extra cost to you. On the other hand, when things heat up and you want to cool down, simply pull the blinds or curtains back into place.

Installing Double Glazing Windows

It is possible to shield motor homes from the elements during winter, keeping the interior warm during cold evenings, using double glazing, the same way we do it at home.

Enjoy Cooling and Heating Options in One Convenient Package

Regardless of the season, our Economiser radiators are designed to maintain your desired room temperature. Whether you want to heat up your caravan during cold weather, or are aching for a cold shower, some ice cream or cold beer during scorching summer heat waves, you don’t even have to lift a finger to maintain your preferred ambient temperature thanks to the adaptive start function. A new way to ensure essential heat at least during the colder days and nights is to look in to electric underfloor heating pros and cons.

Insulating Your Caravan Is Essential

If your caravan is poorly insulated, no amount of heat will keep it warm. Caravans can retain more heat when they are well-insulated. You can use readily available supplies, smart thinking and tiny investments to properly insulate your caravan.

Here are the main reasons why a Vantage or Economiser Radiator is your best option:

  • Affordable pricing starting from 260.10 pounds and 395 pounds for Vantage and Economiser models respectively.
  • Useful features, including energy monitor, open window sensor and adaptive start.
  • Only takes a few minutes to have it set up and ready for use.
  • Comes with a warranty for ten or thirty years.
  • For total control through our mobile application, just add a smart hub with Vantage radiators.
  • Perfectly suited to your caravan, our Vantage design comes with a low height option.