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Mobilanes is Creating Greener Buildings

Mobilanes Outdoor Products

The world is becoming more developed, which has lead to new environmental challenges for designers and architects. Thankfully, Mobilanes has created systems that address these challenges and bring an element of nature into urban areas. Below, you’ll find an overview of three systems from Mobilanes:


This system, which is patent-protected, allows for vertical landscaping. It’s a sustainable system that allows for indoor and outdoor living walls. This is something that’s seen a surge in popularity in recent years. It’s an excellent way to have plenty of greenery in urban spaces available at Just Plants Bristol.

With LivePanel, walls can be transformed into a warm surface that’s suitable for growing plants. This modular system allows you to switch plant “cassettes” in and out. These cassettes are cups that plants can be placed in. Every cassette row is designed to be placed within a duct rail. Water is absorbed using a capillary system.

It can be installed with ease on many types of walls, and it’s suitable for a wide range of vertical landscaping applications.


Cassettes can be swapped out

Simple to install and assemble thanks to pre-planted cassettes

Consumes very little water

Can be installed indoors and outdoors

Compact design

Modular system

Minimal maintenance

Can reduce noise levels

Provides additional thermal installation

No unpleasant smells

Can produce oxygen and capture dust

Enhances biodiversity

Green Screen

It’s important to have privacy on your property. While a green hedge can serve as a divider, it may take a few years of growth before the hedge is able to provide the level of privacy that you need. Thankfully, with the Green Screen from Mobilane, you won’t have to wait. It’s possible to install individual panels very quickly. You’ll be left with a hedge that will look as though it’s been growing for years.

The system, which is patented, consists of a metal grid covered entirely by vegetation. The plants growing along the grid are placed in coconut-derived biodegradable pots filled with compost. In a few years, the pots will degrade, and the plants will be able to take root in the subsoil.

Of course, not everyone is looking for the same type of hedge. Thankfully, Mobilane offers a variety of option. Plants can be found in many varieties, heights, and colours.

There are numerous versions of the Green Screen, and that means there are numerous ways it can be used as a divider. It can help to keep pools, car ports, or patios separated. It can even create garden rooms! It can also be placed on balconies in a wooden container.


It’s dense and offers privacy right away

Low maintenance

Appealing and sustainable divider

Can be planted any time of year without frost

Quality fencing solution with a decade-long guarantee

Numerous options available

Several different heights available

Fixing materials and posts are an option

Cuts back on air pollution

Promotes biodiversity


Building a green environment in a city can be challenging. Thankfully, the process is much easier with the green roofing system from MobiRoof. This system is composed of sedum cassettes that can be clicked into place. It’s an excellent green roof option for carports, storage facilities, garden houses, and more.

The cassette system has an unusual lightweight design. It includes storage, a substrate for drainage, and is planted along with different kids of sedum plants. One of the biggest advantages offered by the system is that it’s possible to replace cassettes. This means that the roof can be designed to meet your requirements.


Features cassettes made from a regenerated montoxic polypropylene

The substrate offers the appropriate drainage and water retention.

Rainwater runoff is reduced

Different sedum species can be planted

Can lower air pollution

Promotes biodiversity