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Coronavirus Pandemic – When Can We Expect A Cure?

Healthcare and pharma companies around the world work hard to find an effective and safe Covid-19 cure.

Results are promising, as scientists have already identified some possible treatments, they have taken lyophilisation in to great consideration after their research has … Read the rest

Business Economy

COVID-19 and UK Small Business

woman entrepreneur shop owner small businessThe coronavirus has been plaguing not only people throughout the world but also affecting businesses both large and small, from fleet library to independent pubs. We did a study that discovered some interesting information that was both compelling and difficult … Read the rest

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How the Covid-19 Pandemic is Affecting the Fashion Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on almost every sector, whether it’s the pressure that has been imposed on health services, shutting of non-essential businesses or supermarkets having to reconsider their opening hours and re-stocking tactics. Subsequently, the … Read the rest


Keep Your Mobile Home/Caravan Comfortably Warm With These Tips

You might be concerned about keeping your loved ones warm during cold weather if you have been forced to go on a traditional holiday just next to the sea down in Dorset or along the Cornish coast where young ones … Read the rest

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The Do’s and Don’ts after a Tooth Extraction


Resting: After getting your tooth extracted, by hygienists in Fleet, have some rest. You need to do this even if you feel great and thinking about exercising. You should not be doing any high-intensity activity for at least … Read the rest


When’s the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

Even with the cold temperatures outside, the days still being short and the Christmas festivities still a long way off, it is still an ideal time to plan for an amazing holiday in warmer climates. When thinking about holidays in … Read the rest


COVID-19 As It Relates to the Technology Industry

The COVID-19 outbreak, also known as the coronavirus, is causing many problems for businesses, consumers, and communities situated around the globe. The following general guidance is prepared for those that want to know more about COVID-19. Business leaders in the … Read the rest


How COVID-19 Relates To The Technology Industry

There is currently a widespread concern regarding the coronavirus which has affected communities, businesses and consumers across the globe. There are several forms of general guidance regarding this outbreak that we have prepared: what business leaders in the United States … Read the rest

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Should You Get An Office Deep Clean Scheduled As A Response To Coronavirus?


As COVID-19 continues spreading all over the world, scientists, organisations, and governments are providing businesses and individuals with continually updated advice. One factor that has continued to remain consistent is the requirement for having strict hygiene practices and protocols. … Read the rest


The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Leather Gloves

Taking good care of your gloves shouldn’t be difficult – if they are quality gloves in the first place, you will have little to do. A top-quality leather glove, like our driving gloves, should maintain its shape and definition … Read the rest