Reasons to Choose a Luxury Hotel Over an AirBnB

For true luxury travellers, luxury hotels make a better choice than Airbnb rentals or the numerous apartment rental services available today. Budget travellers are often well served by this type of rental, as they’re typically less expensive than mid-range hotels. However, there are numerous advantages for luxury travellers when they opt for a luxury hotel instead of a rental.

More Value

When you’re a luxury traveller, attention to the little things count. This kind of detail is usually missing even with the higher end rental properties on Airbnb. Luxury hotels often tend to offer extra amenities like personalized welcomes – perhaps a cute toy or pastry for your child, a special drink for a personal holiday or cake for your birthday, luxury bathrobes and slippers to relax in, and more frequent housekeeping.

High Class Service

The top luxury hotels and resorts such as Marbella Corfu, spare no expense with their hiring and training processes, especially for those employees who will be interacting with their guests.

Service is usually a key element of these luxury brands and tends to set them apart from other hotel chains and short-term rental units. With many Airbnb’s, you won’t see anyone at all the entire time you’re in the rental and may need to handle your own cleaning and wash your own linens before you check out.

You’ll Sleep Better

One basic need that all overnight lodging facilities must work hard to fulfil is a great night’s sleep. However, you’d be amazed at how many providers fail at this, whether it’s due to poor sleeping arrangements, old mattresses, bad climate control, or too much light coming into the rooms too early in the morning.

Luxury hotels provide a bed that is comfortable, supportive, and relaxing, as well as the perfect temperature control. Blackout shades are also an important element of these accommodations, as they allow you to sleep well at night or take a nap mid-day if you so choose.

Loyalty Perks for Regular Customers

Most of the best luxury hotels offer a program for preferred customers, so that you can enjoy special perks or upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, or other amenities. You’ll typically only receive these if you book through the hotel directly.

Specific brands also allow you to earn loyalty points that can be cashed in for future upgrades or transferred to other rewards programs. You may be able to earn points for discounts on future stays, airline miles, or other extras, depending on the program.

Change Rooms or Suites if Necessary

Occasionally, there will be a problem with your room, suite, or rental. Even something as simple as noisy neighbours can really put a cramp in your style. If you’re in a short-term rental, this can leave you miserable and out of luck.

If you’re at a hotel, however, you can often move to another room, and you may even be able to upgrade in the process. This solves the problem entirely, instead of you being stuck with it for your entire trip.

Refundable Reservations Cancelled with No Fee

Sometimes we all have changes of plans. Luxury hotels allow you to freely cancel your reservations, often up to the day before, and not pay to do so.

Check the hotel’s cancellation policy to be sure, but many are quite accommodating. Airbnb hosts, on the other hand, tend to have fairly strict policies about cancellations, often keeping your entire amount if you cancel at any time after you’ve booked your stay.

Even if you find a host with a flexible cancellation policy, your Airbnb fees will be non-refundable, so you stand to be out a large chunk of money just because your plans have changed.