Smart Windows and Doors – Things You Should Know

We are moving towards smart technologies. Smart devices have become common and are being used for managing our security, lighting and heating in addition to our phones and smart TVs. In fact, there are smart coffeemakers. Apple, Google Home, Nest, Amazon, Hive and a number of other technologies are fighting it out among themselves to get ahead in this technology arms race. It all makes sense as per the results of the latest home survey done by PWC which states that 30% of the homes are likely to have a smart device by 2020.

The Internet of things has become a reality. The Internet of things is a network where these smart devices not only interact with us but also talk to each other. In short, the Internet of things can be defined as an extension of connectivity into everyday physical devices and objects. These devices come embedded with electronics as well as various other hardware such as sensors which allow these devices to communicate and interact with each other over internet, which means these devices can be remotely controlled and monitored.

Have Windows and Doors Gone Smart?

Many smart window systems are available today and the number is constantly growing. These range from those equipped with simple security sensors to windows that are part of fully integrated systems. KJM Group has a good range. At one end of the scale, these windows include simple sensors that will alert you when opened but at the other end, there are highly sophisticated platforms that will send you an alert in case you forget to close the windows or lock the doors when leaving your home.

Choosing the Best Smart Window and Door Security System

Smart Window and Door Sensors

When it comes to smart windows and doors, the starting point is the sensors embedded in these. These sensors typically communicate with a plug-in Smart Hub which then sends a message to your phone or various other smart devices with the help of an app.

These sensors offer some basic functionality. For instance, these sensors are capable of triggering an alarm or alerting the security system at your home in case an armed person forces the window or door. These are also capable of tracking movements around your property. Some other sensors also keep track of temperature changes and send you an alert with the help of an app in case a window is accidentally left open.

Integrated Smart Hardware Systems

We have labelled these products as such, as these are not similar to the bolt-on smart solutions available today such as most of the low-cost sensor based options. These are different as they have been designed from scratch as smart devices and these fully integrate with the existing locking mechanism and hardware on the new energy-efficient doors and windows.

Smart Door and Window Locking Status Systems

These work similarly to the smart door retrofit sensors which means you get an alert regarding the status of your doors and windows. Many of these smart systems also offer additional functionality such as geo-fencing which uses the location of your phone with the help of the GPS network to send an alert in case you forget to lock a window or door when leaving your property.

The biggest advantage of these systems is that these are completely integrated with the hardware and are self-contained which means these look cleaner and better as compared to the add-on products that take away from the aesthetics of your doors and windows.

Automated Smart Locking Systems

These automated systems go even further as these bring additional integration which means you can unlock and lock the door electronically.

This integration also brings additional functionality which means these systems support entry via a key fob or phone app. There are systems that enable you to create unique mobile keys with the help of the app. You can then provide these to your family and friends allowing you to keep track of people entering your home and the time when they enter. You also have the authority to revoke these keys.

Smart Windows and Doors – Problems

The key challenge for the makers of smart windows and door locks is confidence. It is also the reason that some homeowners prefer integrated hardware systems that are less smart but use traditional manual operating mechanism as these offer similar benefits but have fewer associated risks.