The Complete Guide to Caring for Your Leather Gloves

Taking good care of your gloves shouldn’t be difficult – if they are quality gloves in the first place, you will have little to do. A top-quality leather glove, like our driving gloves, should maintain its shape and definition for many years and you should easily recoup its initial cost. However, we have witnessed first-hand how a ‘well-loved’ pair of gloves can turn out. Gloves that last this long will definitely need a little attention.

There are plenty of questions, though. Are leather gloves washable? How is the lining of leather gloves cleaned? Do leather gloves shrink when wet? Take it easy; we are here to address any issues and questions related to leather gloves.

We have come up with a complete guide on caring for your leather gloves, from waterproofing them to preventing them from stretching. Having this guide will help you enjoy your leather gloves for as long as possible.

Waterproofing Leather Gloves

Let’s start at the top. When you get your new leather gloves, is there a way you can waterproof them and keep them safe from the elements?

Keep in mind that leather is a ‘skin’ and it is therefore naturally resistant to elements. Provided you don’t take a deep dive in the ocean, then your gloves should be okay.

However, there are various top-quality brands that make products to improve the intrinsic resistance of leather gloves to water, with Nikwax being the most renowned among the lot. While such products are essential, they may alter the appearance of your gloves, especially if they are light-coloured.

Cleaning Your Leather Gloves

Like any other products made of top-quality leather, washing or cleaning your gloves should be done with much care and should only be done if necessary.

The colours on leather gloves are usually delicate because the skins are natural, but tanning and using dying additive helps add some colour to the leather. As such, washing using harsh or inappropriate chemical additives tends to damage the gloves.

For lightly marked leather gloves, however, cleaning may require following different steps, which will give better results.

How to Prevent Stretching of Your Leather Gloves

We’ve previously heard people asking, ‘How do I ensure that my leather gloves don’t stretch?’ Luckily, we have a simple answer to this question: ‘You don’t have to’.

Leather is an almost magical material for glove makers. It is naturally elastic and has great recovery, which allows the hand to slip through the narrow part of the glove and for it to regain its shape around the hand and wrist.

It comes down to the glove cutter’s skill in picking the right piece of leather for the different parts of the glove and readying the leather properly for it to retain its elasticity, which is an essential trait of a perfect leather glove.

Our advice to you would, therefore, be – buy a pair of high-quality leather gloves that will last many years. What’s more, ensure that you select the right size for your hand. By doing this, you will never have to worry about stretched leather gloves that no longer fit properly.

How to Clean Your Leather Gloves’ Lining

Our gloves are lined with wool, silk, or cashmere to provide extra warmth and comfort. Given the nature of leather, however, such gloves should not be submerged fully in water, which makes it a little cumbersome to clean the lining.

We, therefore, don’t advocate for you attempting to clean the lining of your leather gloves since you may damage them easily. If you feel the need to clean the lining, we advise that you seek the help of a specialised dry cleaner.