The Many Benefits Of Booking A Room In A Luxury Hotel

Do you want to know how luxury hotels and holidays are different from any other normal hotel? Luxury hotels offer a premium hotel experience and in this article, we will look at some of the many features and benefits that you can expect to experience.

It should be noted that not all of the benefits and features listed here would be available in all luxury hotels. In the event that you want a very specific experience or feature, then you should do your research on the luxury hotels that offer them before booking. We will now cover some of the things that you can expect when you stay at a luxury hotel and they are all based on my own experiences since I stayed at numerous luxury hotels such as the Alpen Palace Spa, Shangri-La, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton and many more.

The Features & Benefits Of Luxury Hotels

1. Well Designed

One of the most striking things about luxury hotels is that they truly stand out both internally and externally. They are usually beautifully designed and quite impressive to look at. You can expect the exterior to be quite beautiful as well as the reception, lounge, bar and even the common public areas. Once you enter a luxury hotel, you will feel as though you’ve been transported into a whole new and exotic world.

2. Scents

Upon entering a luxury hotel, you can likely expect the hotel to smell quite lovely. I’ve experienced this in the Alpen Palace, Shangri-La and Luxury Collection hotels. Even though this may seem like a small thing, it truly makes an impression and transforms your entire experience.

3. High Security

One of the things you can expect at any luxury hotel is great security. They usually have many security cameras as well as card only access to the hotel rooms and even the elevator that you’ll need to use to go to your room. There are also many security guards, however, they typically blend in so you don’t notice them as easily. Your room will also have a safe where you can store your valuables.

4. Facilities For Various Events

You can also expect that there will be multiple facilities for different types of events. This includes banquets, weddings, conferences, meetings etc.

5. Excellent Service

You will receive a high level of service at a luxury hotel and the staff will go out of their way to ensure you’re well taken care of. These type of hotels usually have quite a lot of extremely well trained staff.

Some of the services that you’ll receive include:

* Welcome drinks when you first arrive at the hotel
* Welcome sweets in your room
* Turndown
* A bottle of champagne or wine may be provided
* Local products may be left as a gift in your room such as local chocolate, tea etc.
* Flowers

Butler services:

* A call before you arrive to ask if you have any special requests
* Assistance with your check in along with a personal welcome to the hotel
* Tips on where to visit and what to do
* Laundry service
* Packing as well as unpacking service
* Shoeshine service

You can always expect that the staff will be quite happy and polite. Many of them will also be multilingual and quite professional.

6. Great Looking Rooms

As you can expect, luxury hotels would have luxurious rooms. The room may be designed according to the theme of the hotel or even based on the country or city it is in. The room itself will be extremely comfortable and you would likely want to stay in for your entire stay. One of the most luxurious rooms that I thoroughly enjoyed was at Prince de Galles hotel which is in Paris.

7. Extremely Comfortable Beds

Lastly, the beds in luxury hotels are not only spacious but extremely comfortable. The sheets are typically heavier and they feel extremely cosy and comforting. They also usually place many more pillows than you’d expect, which make the bed into a luxurious retreat.