When’s the Best Time to Visit Egypt?

Even with the cold temperatures outside, the days still being short and the Christmas festivities still a long way off, it is still an ideal time to plan for an amazing holiday in warmer climates. When thinking about holidays in foreign countries, one of the most charming and outstanding countries to visit is definitely Egypt. If you are looking for a country that caters to everyone then Egypt is your best bet. It boasts magnificent beach resorts, amazing UNESCO heritage sites that take you back to ancient times, the intriguing world of the Pharaohs, exciting camel rides in the desert, Lake Nasser and some really impressive dive sites.

However, the main question still remains; when is the most ideal time to visit Egypt? You’ll be pleased to learn that Egypt is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Each month offers an abundance of sunlight but some seasons are more preferable than others.

December – February

If you love sight-seeing, then this is a great time to visit Egypt as the average temperatures of Cairo and the Nile Delta are 20 degrees Centigrade during the day. Due to this, December to February marks the peak season for cultural tourism and river cruises. Abu Simbel Sun Festival is another attraction and it is a bi-annual event. The festival happens at the temples of Abu Simbel which is situated around 140 miles south-west of Aswan. An alluring display as it celebrates the two days of the year when the sun impeccably lights up the statues that are seated in the central chamber of the temple of Ramses II.

In case you aren’t a big fan of sight-seeing, that shouldn’t discourage you from visiting Egypt during this period. If you are a fan of sunbathing and enjoying all that a 5-star resort provides, then the southerly Red Sea resorts of Hurghada, Marsa Alam or Sharm el-Sheikh are your ideal locations. The temperatures here are in the ideal mid-20s.

March – May

During this time of the year, the temperatures tend to lean towards the lower 30s, which makes it the best time of the year to take delight in the Red Sea resorts and everything they offer. March to May is usually the peak season for snorkeling holidays (diving holidays can be planned throughout the year). When it comes to festivals, Sham el-Nessim is usually celebrated on Easter Monday which will be on April 20th this year. This date is when Spring starts and it is celebrated with picnics in parks and also on the banks of the Great Nile. May 24th marks the end of Ramadan, which is when Muslims around the globe celebrate Eid al Fitr. This day is a national holiday, with people holding lavish feats celebrating with their friends and family.

June – August

During the months of summer, temperatures reach the mid-30s in the areas to the north including Cairo, and higher 30s in the Red Sea resorts. Consequently, the places are incredibly hot and humid which increases the heat index to scorching levels. But if you enjoy the heat and you are not interested in any tedious touring or walking, then this is an ideal time to visit Egypt. Even though this time of the year is marked by the summer holidays, the scorching heat tends to drive many people away, hence, the prices will be quite low.

September – November

When it comes to the heat levels, it is much more manageable as the temperatures fall to the mid–high 20s by the last day of November. This time offers a great opportunity to visit the plethora of tombs and monuments that are available in Egypt. In addition, the sea breeze tends to increase which makes the Mediterranean a pleasing and stimulating place to be.

As clearly shown, Egypt is a great tourist destination that has a lot to offer throughout the year while catering to everyone’s tastes. When you consider what you want to achieve in your holiday, and the amount of heat you can handle, you will be able to effectively plan your trip and make sure that you have the best holiday in this great country.